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My ten goals for

I don’t remember exactly, but I think I arrived to web through one person I follow on twitter (but I can’t remember who, sorry). The idea looked to me very interesting, and I decided just to sign in. I completely forgot about it, but last week I received an email from Michal Taszycki (@mehowte).

In this email, Michal challenges me (and 500 others) to complete three tasks:

  1. Collect at least 10 goals: write down anything you want to achieve
  2. Think about a vision: imagine a vision of your future self
  3. Connect with others: friend/follow/meet at least three strangers

So, to complete my first task, here there are the list of my ten goals I want to achieve in a near future. Some of them are not very specific or follow the SMART principles, but I have something to start with.

  1. Master command line tools (specially, *nix command line)
  2. Learn some shell scripting language: windows shell, unix shell, awk, whatever
  3. Proficiency with type writting
  4. Know more IDE shortcuts (I use eclipse in my daily basis)
  5. Learn more about design patterns
  6. Regular expressions
  7. Practice groovy/grails programming language
  8. OOP principles (SOLID, pdf summary)
  9. Practice TDD
  10. Learn how to use vim

The second task is to imagine a vision of my future self. I didn’t think about it too much, so I don’t have a clear idea. It should be something like being a good professional developer, contributing to open source projects, participating in an excelent team of professionals, or something related. But, it is still too vague to describe it.

Do you want to join programming workout initiative? Contact me through this blog, or contact Michal via his twitter, web or email.

You can watch a video which started all: video (~30min), slides